Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Four Elements Rituals at Hot Mineral Springs

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Have you ever taken a trip just for you? That's what I did last weekend. What a wonderful way to relax and enjoy the company of "your own self!"

Last weekend I took an impromptu, wonderful, long overdue trip to the nearby Hot Springs. It is only a few hours away and the drive there and back was relaxing, with only a few folks on the highway who seemed like they needed to soak and relax at the hot springs a little more than I did! (Chill out guys! You'll get there maybe five minutes faster by being a jerk and are probably taking years off of your life time!)

Anyway, it was a beautiful winter day, and even though it was the weekend, there weren't a lot of people also visiting the Hot Springs. The other people who were there spoke a cornucopia of different languages. It was lovely to lay back, relax, and Zen out to the sound of conversations I couldn't understand.

While I was there, I did a mini ritual in my head. Just from soaking in the exceptionally hot water, I felt so peaceful and grounded. It was wonderful and I wanted to take advantage of that feeling of groundedness. I mentally cast my circle and felt enclosed in a blue bubble of protective light. I called in the Elements and thanked them for being with me and protecting me. Then I spent some time thanking the Goddess and God for all the wonderful things I have in my life; my home, my children, my friends, my family, etc.!

It was at that point that I realized that the hot springs are all four elements rolled in one.

Earth and the North were comprised of the minerals from deep inside the earth.
Air from the East was represented by the steam that lifted off the surface of the water into the cold winter day.
Fire and the South were tangible in the temperature of the water.
And finally, the West, water; so medicinal and cleansing.
As I soaked and thanked the elements, I looked up to the burning sun; the God. Just slightly to the east was the moon; the Goddess. I felt complete. All the Elements, the God, the Goddess; all combined to give me their blessings.

As my mind drifted from Element to Element, I was blown away by what a perfect place the Hot Springs are to worship this planet we call home. So, the next time you have the chance to visit some Hot Springs, go. Don't think twice. Just GO! And perform a healing ritual while you are there.

Call in the Elements. Invite the Goddess and God. Thank them for the many, many blessings they have given to you. Thank them for the challenges they have given you and think of how (at least some of) those challenges have turned into blessings. Be happy and joyful. Smile! And on your way back home, ignore those rude drivers on the highway.

Guest Author Lisbeth Alexander

Lisbeth Alexander is on a spiritual journey, learning about Pagans, Wicca,
and her connection to our  Mother Earth and the Divine.  Read her latest at New Witch Musings

*Article originally seen in the September 2014 issue of Creative Sacred Living Magazine