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Our intention is to make inspiring and uplifting Eco – spiritual material freely and conveniently available to as many people around the world as possible. We strive to inspire others to live a creative and sacred life. So, if you enjoy the service we provide and would like to assist us with a financial contribution, you can make a donation below.

There are so many ways to contribute to Creative Sacred Living. In addition to financial support, you can contribute your time and talent!

Creative Sacred Living believes Heart to Heart gifting is love in motion moving forward our initiatives and projects. Our Heart to Heart gifting nurtures our growth and keeps our day to day operations running.

Becoming a Patreon of Creative Sacred Living provides an opportunity to support our mission and encourage organizations and efforts that best align with our values. As a Patreon an individual has influence by contributing to our empowerment fund; a self-sustaining fund used to fund programs, projects and community that align with our values.

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10% of all direct donations received are donated to help the National Forest Foundation care for our treasured National Forests and Grasslands. While restoring burned and otherwise damages forest landscapes, planting trees rebuilds healthy wildlife habitat, protects critical watersheds, enhances recreation experiences, and helps address global warming. For every dollar Creative Sacred Living donates the NFF will plant trees on a National Forest.

Thank you so much! Gloria Henry, Founder, Creative Sacred Living

We celebrate each individuals creative path, and spiritual journey through love and an understanding of our unique connection and place in the cosmos.